About Us

Our skin care products are all rich in thermal water content and each has a unique combination of ingredients. The entire line of dermato-cosmetics is developed by dermatologists and biochemists with years of experience in the dermatological and cosmetic field.

Unique Products

Each of the products we have created is a perfect combination of ingredients resulting in a unique product that aims to be integrated into your daily skincare routine to improve your physical well-being. We strongly support and pride ourselves on creating unique products that used in combination or individually will maintain the perfect balance of your health.

Our Products

They start from a basic element – the Natural Thermal Water from Băile Felix – a unique, microbiologically pure thermal water with a multitude of beneficial properties for the human body.

We develop Quality

The goal of every product we develop is to improve the well-being of the end consumer. That’s why we carefully select only ingredients that are scientifically proven to really work. This can be seen right from the first use of our products.

Our Mission

We founded SYNERGY THERM DERMATO-COSMETICS out of the need to bring something new to the market, a line of products that would help on both the medical and cosmetic levels. SYNERGY THERM was developed with the aim of making you feel and look better.

Thermal Water Baths Felix

This element is at the heart of every product we have, we couldn’t exclude a seemingly so simple, but in fact very important and necessary product for any skincare routine.